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25th Sunday of Year A

CCC 210-211: God of mercy and piety

CCC 588-589: Jesus identifies his compassion to sinners with God’s

The Person and Society (CCC 1878-1889)

God’s Word

by Fr. Clement D. Thibodeau


“All Church life is at the parish level!”

25th Sunday of Year A

“Life is not fair! Some have so much without having had to do anything to deserve it. Others have so little, when they have been virtuous all their lives and have almost nothing to show for it!” We often hear this or similar comments on the inequalities of this world. Even in the Church, there are inequalities. Or, at least, some seem to have more privileges than others.

One of the most common complaints that parish priests have to deal with concerns the alleged unfairness handed out by laypersons in Church ministries. At one time, I suppose, people had similar complaints about favoritism practiced by the clergy, but they had no one to complain to! Now, they come to the pastor with stories of discrimination against their children at the hands of catechists, confirmation leaders, or first sacraments’ personnel.

“My daughter never missed even one class. She did all of her service projects. But you have allowed so-and-so to be confirmed when he hardly ever came and surely did not finish his service hours! It is unfair.” I have had a parish director of confirmation quit her position because I wanted her to modify the requirements for a poor soul who had a learning disability and could not do all the lessons. “It isn’t fair, when all the others have worked so hard!” The last straw was when I quoted the Parable of the late workers from Matthew!

We have made many rules in the Church, all in the interest of making it fair for everyone. But then, someone comes along who does not fit our categories, and we go berserk. We are confused; we do not know what to do.

An altar server always shows up late. We do not know that she/he is part of a large family, with only one bathroom, where everyone has to be brought to Mass, as soon as all are ready. Every family is not organized nor disciplined like the members of a monastery community.

A special minister of the Eucharist wears the very best she can afford; some of us complain that it not appropriate to be “on the altar dressed like that!”

To paraphrase the late “Tip” O’Neil, all Church life is at the parish level. The policies and practices of the local parish are those of the whole Church as far as the parishioners are concerned. Surely, God must be concerned.

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25th Sunday of Year A

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The Sacrament of Penance


  • What does it mean that God’s love is unconditional?
  • When do you celebrate the sacrament of reconciliation?
  • Who are the people in your life who show you God’s forgiving love?
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Catechism References

25th Sunday of Year A

25th Sunday of Year A

Bible Verses Cited in Catechism

1st Reading

Isaiah 55:6-9

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2nd Reading

Philippians 1:20-27

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Gospel Reading

Matthew 20:1-16

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Catholic Answers

25th Sunday of Year A

The general idea of the parable is that everyone comes to the vineyard (faith) at different points in their lives. Some people are lifelong disciples of Jesus, and some people convert only toward the end of their lives. In the kingdom of God, both groups are treated the same. By human standards, we perhaps might view this as unjust. Yet Jesus points out that the reward for their long work (heaven) is fair, and the only reason that others receive this same reward is because of the generosity of the owner of the vineyard (God). It is his (God’s) to do with as he pleases. So long as we have not been treated unjustly, how could we reasonably complain that God is generous to others?

Questions Covered:

  • 18:34 – This parable is comforting and helpful to me. The workers were paid what they agreed to. Send Secrets to Heaven 
  • 22:50 – People must remember that the payment that they’re receiving is eternal, more than enough for all. 
  • 32:31 – This parable seems to oppose the Catholic teaching of faith and works. 
  • 38:11 – Why do people “show up” at so many different times in the parable and in life? What is the merit of showing up early? 
  • 44:06 – Mother Angelica said that there are different levels of glory in heaven. Is this true? If so, are the workers earning different levels of glory? 
  • 47:47 – What you have been talking about has really caused me to reflect on my life and to be so thankful for God’s mercy. 
  • 51:20 – I am a person who came late, and I see so much merit in coming early. I wish I had known the truth much sooner.