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27th Sunday of Year A

Doctrinal Homily Outlines

The vineyard of the Lord today is the Church. We enter its protective hedge through baptism. The work that God himself does in the vineyard so that the choice vines can grow and bear fruit is the sacraments. The sacraments provide grace so we can be saved and sanctified while in this earthly vineyard.

Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year A)

CCC 755: the Church as God’s vineyard
CCC 1830-1832: gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit
CCC 443: prophets are the servants, Christ is the Son

Safeguarding the Peace and Avoiding War (CCC 2302-2317)

Class Lesson Plans

27th Sunday of Year A

Catechist Background and Preparation
Primary Session
Intermediate Session
Junior High School

Divine Justice and Judgment


  • How do you show respect for others?
  • How do you care for God’s creation?
  • What do Catholics believe about Divine judgement?

God’s Word

by Fr. Clement D. Thibodeau


Communion from the Cup

27th Sunday of Year A

Some misguided individuals have argued against the use of real wine in the celebration of the Eucharist. The Catholic Church has never been moved by these arguments against the use of wine in the celebration of the Eucharist. In fact, among Protestants, it is only during the last 150 years that any concern has surfaced on this issue. Some conservative Protestants began to abstain from the use of all alcoholic beverages when the Industrial Revolution brought about massive social dislocations, and alcoholism became a social evil. Some went so far as to teach that all uses of alcohol were inherently evil. In the Catholic tradition, we have not stopped using wine at the Eucharist. For several centuries, Communion from the cup was withheld from the faithful, but that had more to do with doctrinal challenges to the Church’s teaching on the Real Presence than with any concern over the use of alcohol. It had become a privilege reserved to the clergy to receive from the cup up until Vatican II (1963-65).

Some priests who have been diagnosed as suffering from alcoholism have been given permission by the Holy See to use grape juice in their chalice at the altar. But, wine remains the element consecrated for the Communion of the assembly, even at a Mass presided over by a priest who is recovering from alcoholism. There are perhaps as many as 10,000 priests who suffer from this disease in the United States and Canada. Most of these priests use the privilege of having grape juice for their own Communion. Officially, the documents from the Holy See refer to this substance as mustum. That is a Latin expression for the juice of newly pressed grapes, not yet fully fermented. (That word sounds very strange North American ears! I prefer to use only the expression grape juice. Just good, old, reliable, Welch’s white!)

The Catechism: #1377, 1390

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Catechism References

27th Sunday of Year A

27th Sunday of Year A

Bible Verses Cited in Catechism

1st Reading

Isaiah 5:1–7

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2nd Reading

Philippians 4:6–9

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Gospel Reading

Matthew 21:33–43 

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27th Sunday of Year A

Catholic Catechism Topics

Fr. Eamon Tobin

28 Lessons

Catholic Catechism Topics

28 articles on the “four pillars” of the Catechism offering a pastoral approach explaining Catholic beliefs not stated explicitly in the Bible, e.g., Purgatory, Marian doctrines.

  • Suggestions on how to study the articles in a small group 
  • Suggestions on which articles to focus on for two seasons (seven weeks per season)
  • Index of Topics

Animated Catechism Series

3 Minute

70 hand drawn and animated episodes, each 3-4 minutes long. The series follows and explains the Creed, covering all four parts of the Catechism. 


MAN: Episodes 1-6
GOD: 12-20
JESUS: 27-33
CHURCH: 51-60

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27th Sunday of Year A