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11th Sunday of Year A

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11th Sunday of Year A


OSV Lifelong Catechesis


The Kingdom of God

Plant a seed and watch it grow. Do your part in nurturing that growth. Marvel at how the life force that God gave it controls its destiny. Give it time and patience to come to its fullness. Reflect on how the Kingdom of God is at work in you and the world.

Find examples of people in the news or saints you admire who are working with Jesus’ teachings to help build the Kingdom of God. What can you say or do to get yourself on your list?


SOURCE: OSV Lifelong Catechesis

Jesus Needs Our Help

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God’s love makes people well.

Did your mom or dad ever tell you to clean your room? (Show of hands––including yours). When you opened the door to clean your room, was it such a mess that you just didn’t know what to do? Did you feel like giving up before you started? [Take 2 or 3 of the children’s comments].

Well, one time, Jesus had so much to do that he almost felt as you do when your room is a real mess. Jesus had been out in the many villages in Israel, telling the people about God’s love for them and healing their diseases. God gave Jesus the power to heal people.


SOURCE: Sermon Writer


Workers are Few

“The harvest indeed is plentiful, but the laborers are few” (vs. 37). 

Jesus told his disciples, “The harvest indeed is plentiful, but the laborers are few” (vs. 37). Kelly didn’t understand about the harvest, but Kyle remembered his teacher explaining that harvest time meant the crops were ready. Harvest is when the fruit is ripe and ready to pick. It’s the time when farmers dig potatoes or cut and store the wheat.

Do you think Jesus talking about fruit, or potatoes, or wheat? (Allow children to answer.) No, he was talking about workers who would share the story of God’s love to other people.

It took lots of work, but the twins worked hard. They put pillow cases on all of the pillows and helped Aunt Millie make the beds. They hung fresh towels in the bathrooms. And before every one arrived on the day of the reunion, the twins swept the walkway from the deck to the driveway. They enjoyed their time with Aunt Millie, and learned something more about Jesus and harvest time.


SOURCE: Sermon Writer


God’s New Apostles

Become a member of a very special team!

Have you ever watched a house being built?

The other day I drove by a construction site – and just as I was passing they were raising up a set of huge wooden triangles to begin the frame of the roof. Can you guess how many workers it took to do the job? (Solicit children’s responses.)

I had to count quickly, but I saw at least eight workers! You had great guesses – but do you know what I noticed? Nobody guessed that it only took one! How did you know it wasn’t a job for one worker all by himself? (Solicit children’s responses.)

Of course! Some jobs are so big that nobody could possibly do them alone. At times like that you need to have a team, don’t you?

That’s exactly the problem in today’s Gospel story. As Jesus goes out spreading God’s word he notices that there are tons of people who need his help. So, guess what he does?


SOURCE: Sermon Writer

11th Sunday of Year A


Gospel Based Word Search


11th Sunday of Year A