1st Sunday of Advent

1st Sunday of Advent

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Today begins a new church year and the wonderful season of Advent. Advent is about preparing for Jesus’ birth on Christmas, and also for His return one day to earth. As we light the Advent wreath, how can we bring Jesus’ light to our family and friends this week?

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Be prepared for the Second Coming! This message is based on the Gospel of Mark, where Jesus describes frightening events of the last days of Earth, but promises that He will come again for us. We don’t know when this will be, but we can hope in His promises and eagerly await His advent. In modern times of trouble, we can be comforted by knowing that God’s word will never change or pass away, and He will always be with us.

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Richard Niell Donovan, a retired Disciples of Christ clergyman, published Sermon writer for more than two decades. When Dick died in 2020, his wife, Dale, has graciously kept the website online free of charge.

Children sermons have been written by

Lois Parker Edstrom
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Be Ready

OBJECTS: Camera, tripod, camera batteries, lens, or other miscellaneous camera equipment. Interesting photographs.

It is fun to take pictures and have them to look at later. Do you like to look at your baby pictures and see what you looked like then? Do you have a picture of a special birthday party or a Christmas celebration with your family? A picture helps us remember those good times. Maybe you have a picture of a flower, a sunset, or snow on a mountain that makes you feel peaceful. I know of a little boy who kept a picture of his mommy in his pocket on his first day of school as a way of keeping her close.

Professional photographers make their living taking pictures. Some photograph weddings and others take portraits – close up pictures of people’s faces. Still others photograph sports events, animals, or things in nature such as trees, rivers, and clouds.

Photographers must always be ready to take a picture at just the right moment and often those moments come unexpectedly. It may be a baby’s smile, or a picture of a soccer player scoring a goal, or a butterfly that appears without warning.

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Coming Attractions

OBJECT: Children’s DVDs or videos.

Some times when you start a DVD or video you will see parts of other movies that might interest you. These are called previews – just a hint of what you will see in those other movies.

If you’ve been in a movie theater, you’ve noticed the same thing – previews of coming attractions – bits and parts of movies that will be showing next.

In the Bible Jesus talks about things that signal what may be coming next. He says, “When the branch has now become tender, and puts forth its leaves, you know that the summer is near” (13:28).

In the spring, when you see the trees begin leaf out, you know that summer is coming. This is a preview for summer. Summer is the coming attraction – a time to relax and play, go to the beach and have picnics – a time we anticipate.

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OBJECT: A piece of blank paper for each child.

This is a special season of the year. We call it Fall, because this is the time of year when the leaves fall from the trees. Fall is a beautiful time, because many leaves turn colors before they “fall” to the ground. Did anyone here notice leaves turning color this Fall? What were some of the colors that you saw? (Red, yellow, orange).

For the next few months, most of the trees won’t have any leaves. We’ll miss the leaves, won’t we! Trees are so pretty when they have leaves on their branches.

But in a few months, trees will start to grow new leaves. At first, those leaves will be small––hard to see. You will need to watch carefully or you won’t see them. But then the leaves will get larger––and larger. By summertime the trees will be full of leaves.

But the little tiny leaves tell us something. They tell us that springtime is coming. It’s on the way.

We need to get ready for springtime. It often rains during the springtime, so we need to get raincoats or umbrellas. Grass grows rapidly during springtime, so your dads and moms need to have their lawnmowers ready.

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