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March 19, 2023


SOURCE: Adorers of the Blood of Christ, U.S. Region

Ministry to Children

4th Sunday of Lent (A)

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MINISTRY-TO-CHILDREN: This story reminds us that there is more than one way of being “blind.” That symbolism can be a challenging concept for young children to understand, since they tend to interpret and grasp things in a more literal way. This message aims to express how marvelous, miraculous, and loving Jesus is. It also reminds kids that we need to be open to what God does in our lives, as well as what He wants us to do for others.

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4th Sunday of Lent (A)

OBJECT: Hike in the Country

Needing Light

The life of Jesus gives us the light we need to be able to see love and truth and beauty.

Have you ever taken a hike in the country? What did you see? Trees? Birds? Mountains? Streams? Flowers? How about a walk in the city? What did you see? Tall buildings? Shops? People? Cars? What do you see right now? Stained glass windows? A choir? Other children? The pastor?

Having good eyesight is a wonderful gift. In addition to good eyesight, there is one other important thing that we must have to be able to see. Do you know what it is? Yes, it’s light.

Our eyes are a very complex part of our body. Light must come in through the window of your eye. The colored part of your eye and the dark center of your eye both adjust the amount of light that is let into your eye. You also have a lens in your eye similar to what you would find in a camera and that lens focuses the light. All of this happens so that you are able to see.

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OBJECT: Pictures of owls, sea stars, penguins

More Than One Way of Seeing

There is more than one way of seeing.

Animals have interesting ways of seeing. Have you noticed that when light is flashed into cat’s eyes they glow in the dark? Cats have something like mirrors in their eyes that allow them to see things in the dark that we can’t see.

Another creature that sees well at night is the owl. Think about how large the eyes of an owl are. Those large eyes allow them to take in more light so they can see things in the dark. (Show picture of an owl.)

Penguins have eyes that help them see well underwater and sea stars have “eye cups” inside the tip of each arm. (Show picture of a sea star.)

Honeybees see rays of light that are invisible to us and they are also able to see “secret colors” so they can go deep into a flower and collect pollen.

Many spiders have eight eyes!

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God’s Plan for You

Everything happens for a reason.

Who can tell me what it means to have a “plan?” Do you know that word? What is a “plan?”

(When you make a plan you decide what you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it…and sometimes a plan has lots of little steps.)

Before I came to church today I had to put on my shoes and socks …that was part of my “coming to church plan.” Which do you think I put on first? My shoes or my socks?

That’s right…and why is it important to put on your socks first? Do you think I tied my shoes before I put them on, or after I put them on? How come?

That’s right! When you have a plan you do the things you do for a reason. I tied my shoes so they wouldn’t fall off…but the real reason I was tying them was so I could come here to church and be with you. That was my plan.

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