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The videos below are from a variety of Christian sources. Use your own judgment and discretion when adapting content for your children. Videos are sorted by most popular.

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Ascension of the Lord

OSV Lifelong Catechesis


Family Prayer Discussion

Invite everyone to put their names in a basket and to pull a prayer partner for this week. Throughout the week, pray for your prayer partner. Do not reveal prayer partners. At the end of the week, go out as a family for an ice cream treat or share a special family meal and reveal whose name each member had for the week.

Family Prayer Box

We pray when we ask God for something or thank God for the many gifts we have been given. Create a family prayer box with your family. Use a shoe box and cut a small opening on top. Give each family member a small piece of note paper. Invite family members to write down what they would like to ask of God. Place the prayers in the prayer box. Thank God for hearing your prayers.


SOURCE: OSV Lifelong Catechesis

Teaching God’s Love

Jesus asks his disciples to teach others about God

It’s almost summer and the school year is coming to an end – so I thought today might be a nice time to stop and think about a very important group of people: teachers.

You probably see your teachers as much as you see your moms and dads some days. But have you ever really thought about their jobs? What does it mean to be a teacher? What do teachers do? (Solicit children’s responses.)

That’s right – being a teacher is a very important (and busy) job! Teachers do lots of things, but their most important job is to help you learn. They teach you to be readers and writers, mathematicians and scientists…the list goes on and on!


SOURCE: Sermon Writer


Being a Disciple

“Go, and make disciples of all nations…” (28:19)

If you want to learn something new, what would be the best way to go about doing that? Finding a good teacher is very helpful.

Perhaps you want to learn to play the piano. Wouldn’t you want to spend time with the best teacher you could find? You would watch your teacher play the piano, listen to instructions, hear what the music sounds like, and then try to duplicate what you have seen and heard.

Maybe you would like to learn how to build things. You would find a woodworker who could teach you how to use various tools, how to work with wood, how to follow instructions and design beautiful objects.

If you are interested in sea life you would try to find a marine biologist, spend time with that person at the beach, listen and learn to identify sea creatures, and read books about this interesting subject.


SOURCE: Sermon Writer


Something to Talk About

“…I am with you always, even to the end of the age” (28:20)

Children could be given a recommended reading list, usually available from the local library.

When you finish reading a very good book, do you have the feeling you want to tell someone about it and suggest that they read it too? Yes, we want our family or friends to have the same fun experience we have had reading a wonderful book.

What do you do when you see a beautiful flower? Do you like to smell it to see if it is fragrant? Do you think of bringing someone else to look at the flower so they too can sniff the sweet fragrance and see the design of the soft, colorful petals?

How about if you were to win a contest and receive a wonderful prize? Wouldn’t you be excited and want to tell everyone about what has happened? It is natural that we should want to share happy experiences and good news with others.


SOURCE: Sermon Writer

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