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April 9, 2023


SOURCE: Adorers of the Blood of Christ, U.S. Region

Bible Videos for Children

Easter (ABC)

The videos below are from a variety of Christian sources. Use your own judgment and discretion when adapting content for your children. Videos are sorted by most popular.

Ministry to Children

Easter (ABC)

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MINISTRY-TO-CHILDREN: The days leading up to Easter Sunday are (or at least should be) some of the most celebrated and commemorated ones on the church calendar. We honor the triumphal entry into Jerusalem with Palm Sunday, and then walk through the week with Christ as we remember His Last Supper with disciples, the Passion of Good Friday, and finally prepare for the blessed Resurrection of Easter. This message prepares for Holy Week and focuses on the ways in which Jesus was different from typical rulers are celebrities. He did not come to be famous, but to serve humbly and lay down His life.


Sermon Writer

Easter (ABC)


The Promise

“Mary Magdalene came and told the disciples that she had seen the Lord”

How would you feel if you built a high tower using wooden blocks and someone came along and knocked it down? Sometimes little sisters or brothers don’t realize how much work you have put into such a project. You may feel angry. You may feel sad. You may think, “I’ll just build it up again.”

Building a sand castle on the beach and having it washed away by a wave is a similar experience. When something of yours is destroyed or taken away, you feel the loss. We all have those feelings when something like that happens to us.

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A Happy Surprise!

Because they have taken away my Lord, and I don’t know where they have laid him” (20:13).

A surprise is when something happens that you don’t expect. Some surprises can be scary. Suppose you are blowing up a balloon and it suddenly pops. You don’t expect that to happen and when it does the loud noise may frighten you. That’s a scary surprise. The same thing can happen if your brother, sister, or a friend hops out from behind a door and says, “Boo!” You may scream and jump back.

Then there are happy surprises. We like those the best. Perhaps friends you haven’t seen for a long time come to visit, your family plans a surprise birthday party for you, or a new puppy arrives at your house. You may have received 100 percent on a test at school when you didn’t expect it, won a contest, or found a new friend. These are all pleasant surprises. Have any of you had happy surprises happen? (Ask this question, time permitting.)

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The PRomise of Easter

This is the promise of Easter – new, everlasting life and it is offered to each one of us.

How lovely, this time of year, to see spring flowers blooming. Tulips and daffodils make a colorful bouquet for all of us to enjoy. The flowers look so fresh and beautiful.

Now let’s look at something quite different. (Display or pass around the bulbs.) Notice how dry and knobby the bulbs feel. See how brown and wrinkled they appear. Can you imagine that these bright red, purple, pink, and yellow flowers grew from such a lifeless looking bulb?

That’s exactly what happened. Tulip and daffodil bulbs are planted during the autumn months. Throughout the winter the bulbs stay in the soil and you may think nothing is going to happen until one day, when the season has more sunlight hours and the ground has had a chance to warm up, you see a tiny sprout of green peeping through the soil.

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Activities / Handouts

Easter (ABC)

The Kid's Bulletin
Saint of the Week
Word Search Puzzle
SDC Worksheet

Word Games

Easter (ABC)

Each week, on this page you will find a series of word games created by artificial intelligence using ChatGPT. Feel free to adapt and use these in your classroom or at home. All images have also been generated by A.I. technology and therefore may be freely used.

Gospel Anagrams

“Empty tomb, wowed Peter and John! Omen of risen Christ, blessed miracle.”

In this anagram, all of the letters in the phrase “Empty tomb” are used to create new words and phrases that relate to the Gospel story in John 20:1-9. Peter and John found the tomb empty, which was a sign of Christ’s resurrection, and this was a blessed miracle that affirmed their faith.

Gospel Scramble

Aword scramble game based on keywords from the passage? Here are the instructions:

  1. Choose four to five keywords or phrases from John 20:1-9, such as “tomb,” “stone,” “linen,” “saw,” and “believed.”
  2. Jumble the letters of each keyword or phrase, and write them down out of order.
  3. Print or write out the jumbled words and give the list to the players.
  4. Each player must solve the scramble by unscrambling the letters to form the correct word or phrase!


  • “bomt” becomes “tomb”
  • “stoen” becomes “stone”
  • “ilenn” becomes “linen”
  • “swa” becomes “saw”
  • “lveeeibd” becomes “believed”

Have fun!

Gospel Questions and Answers

  1. Question: Who went to the tomb of Jesus first, according to John 20:1?

Answer: Mary Magdalene went to the tomb of Jesus first.

  1. Question: What did Mary Magdalene notice first when she arrived at the tomb?

Answer: Mary Magdalene noticed that the stone had been removed from the entrance of the tomb.

  1. Question: Who did Mary Magdalene assume had taken the body of Jesus?

Answer: Mary Magdalene assumed that someone had taken the body of Jesus and did not know where it was.

  1. Question: Who arrived shortly after Mary Magdalene at the tomb of Jesus?

Answer: Peter arrived shortly after Mary Magdalene at the tomb of Jesus.

  1. Question: What did Peter see when he entered the tomb?

Answer: Peter saw the linen wrappings that had been around the body of Jesus, lying there, and the cloth that had been on Jesus’ head was folded up separately.

  1. Question: Did Peter and Mary Magdalene understand that Jesus had risen from the dead?

Answer: No, neither Peter nor Mary Magdalene at this point understood that Jesus had risen from the dead.


Catechist Resources

Easter (ABC)

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Courtesy of The Religion Teacher

n the Creed we say that Jesus rose on the third day, but if Jesus died on a Friday and rose on a Sunday, isn’t that just two days? In this video I explain the math behind the Resurrection and why St. Paul and even Jesus himself referenced the three days in the tomb between his death and Resurrection. These three days, of course, are the reason we celebrate the Paschal Triduum on Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday.