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April 2, 2023


SOURCE: Adorers of the Blood of Christ, U.S. Region

Bible Videos for Children

Palm Sunday (A)

The videos below are from a variety of Christian sources. Use your own judgment and discretion when adapting content for your children. Videos are sorted by most popular.

Ministry to Children

Palm Sunday (A)

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MINISTRY-TO-CHILDREN: The days leading up to Easter Sunday are (or at least should be) some of the most celebrated and commemorated ones on the church calendar. We honor the triumphal entry into Jerusalem with Palm Sunday, and then walk through the week with Christ as we remember His Last Supper with disciples, the Passion of Good Friday, and finally prepare for the blessed Resurrection of Easter. This message prepares for Holy Week and focuses on the ways in which Jesus was different from typical rulers are celebrities. He did not come to be famous, but to serve humbly and lay down His life.


Sermon Writer

Palm Sunday (A)

OBJECT: The Word Selfish


To be humble is really to be the opposite of selfish – and to treat other people as though they are even more important than we are. 

Have you ever heard the word “selfish?” What does it mean to be selfish? (Solicit children’s responses.)

You’re right. We act selfishly when we spend too much time thinking about what we want – or the things we’d like to do.

Being a little bit selfish is probably normal, isn’t it? It’s hard not to think about those things sometimes – but the problem is that what’s good for us isn’t always good for others. Can you imagine what a sad world it would be if everyone was just looking out for themselves? If people stopped sharing? If people stopped helping? I know that my life would be much less happy.

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OBJECT: Palm Branches / What Day Is It?

What’s Happening?

In our Bible passage, Jesus is about to come through the city gates of Jerusalem where all the leaders were. 

For the past two or three years, Jesus and his disciples had been teaching people that God loves them and forgives them. They had been healing people. They had made friends with people who had no friends.

But instead of being happy that Jesus was doing such wonderful things, the leaders of the people were angry. They didn’t care about sick people getting well. They didn’t care that Jesus’ disciples were bring friends to people who needed friends. The leaders saw that the people who used to listen to them were now listening to Jesus––and that made them jealous.

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OBJECT: Pictures of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Like an Ordinary Man

There was much excitement as the people honored Jesus.

In the United States we have lots of parades. Your town or city may celebrate Independence Day on the fourth of July with a parade. Or perhaps you have seen a parade on television; a Thanksgiving Day Parade, a Christmas Parade, or a parade before a big football game. (Individualize these examples with parades that are common in your community or country.)

What comes to your mind when you think of a parade? Yes, people line the streets clapping and cheering. There is usually a marching band and music fills the air. You may see decorated floats, military men and women in uniforms, bag pipes, gleaming fire trucks, balloons, clowns, and horses clip-clopping by. Mostly a parade has the feeling of celebration.

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Activities / Handouts

Palm Sunday (A)

The Kid's Bulletin
Saint of the Week
Word Search Puzzle
SDC Worksheet

Word Games

Palm Sunday (A)

Each week, on this page you will find a series of word games created by artificial intelligence using ChatGPT. Feel free to adapt and use these in your classroom or at home. All images have also been generated by A.I. technology and therefore may be freely used.

Gospel Anagrams

Several word games based on Matthew 21:1-11.

Palm Sunday Anagrams: Write the letters of the words in quotation marks on the blackboard, and have students answer with the correct word:

  • Jesus” can be rearranged to form
    • “uses J”.
  • Disciples” can be rearranged to form
    • “spliced ice”.
  • Jerusalem” can be rearranged to form
    • “mule jeans”.
  • Cloaks” can be rearranged to form
    • locks a c”.
  • Donkey” can be rearranged to form
    • “end yok”.

Gospel Matching

Word Match: Match the words in the list below to their definitions based on the passage.

  • a. Hosanna: A call of praise or adoration, meaning “save us now!”
  • b. Cloaks: A type of long outer garment
  • c. Donkey: An animal of the horse family, used for transportation
  • d. Branches: A part of a tree extending from the trunk
  • e. Palms: A type of tree with long leaves

Gospel Questions and Answers

Why did Jesus send two of his disciples ahead to a nearby village? (Matthew 21:1)

Jesus sent two of his disciples ahead to a nearby village to fetch a donkey and a colt for him to ride on when he entered Jerusalem.

Why did the crowds spread their cloaks on the road as Jesus entered Jerusalem? (Matthew 21:7)

The crowds spread their cloaks on the road to honor Jesus as a king, as was customary in ancient times.

What did the crowds shout as Jesus entered Jerusalem? (Matthew 21:9)

The crowds shouted, “Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest heaven!”

What did Jesus do next after entering Jerusalem? (Matthew 21:10)

After entering Jerusalem, Jesus went straight to the temple and drove out all who were buying and selling there, overturning tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves.


Second Reading Acrostic

H ___________ was Christ,
U ___________ His Father’s plan.
M ___________ in human likeness,
I ___________ us to a deeper faith.
L ___________ incarnate,
I ___________ sacrifice He embraced,
T ___________ the form of a servant,
Y ___________ to the cross.


Second Reading Anagrams

Another word game related to Philippians 2:6-11.


  1. Take the words Christ, humility, exalted, name, and obey.
  2. Mix up the letters of each word.
  3. Try to create as many new words as possible using only the given letters.
  4. See who can come up with the most words in a certain amount of time.


  1. Call out words that are made from each of the key words.
  2. Have students guess which key word these words are from.

For example:

  • Christ: stir, itch, rich, sir, etc.
  • Humility: hymn, limit, myth, lit, tilt, etc.
  • Exalted: delt, deal, date, late, led, etc.
  • Name: mean, amen, man, men, etc.
  • Obey: boy, bye, obey, boo, etc.

Have fun!

Catechist Resources

Palm Sunday (A)

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Courtesy of The Religion Teacher

The significance of the crowds singing “Hosanna” as Jesus enters Jerusalem is explored with a focus on Jesus’ death and resurrection, which grant us salvation. The Catholic Palm Sunday Mass is described, including the reading of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, the congregation holding palms, and the singing of “Hosanna in the highest.” The use of the Sanctus prayer during the Liturgy of the Eucharist is also discussed. The article concludes with the statement that Jesus Christ saves us.