Faith Sharing

19th Sunday of Year A



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Word Sunday


The Whisper of God

When do you expect God to communicate with you? Have your ever been disappointed with his answer (or lack of answer)?

When you pray or go to Church on Sunday, what is your attitude towards God: expectation or anticipation? (Or both?) Have you ever been surprised by an experience of God? What happened?

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Return of the Good Times

Do you look back with fondness to a certain time in your life? Why?

How can you leave your memories and worries at the feet of the Lord?

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Just Like Family

Do you feel distant from one of your relatives? Has there been a rift in your extended family? What happened?

Take some time this week to pray for Jewish people. Present their need before God, just like you pray for your own family.

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Trust in Times of Stress

When do you find trust in God the most difficult?

Have you ever felt distant from God, only to feel his presence in a dramatic fashion later? What are the ups and downs of your prayer life?

How has the Lord been close to you recently? What happened? How did God reveal “his glory” to you, even in the tough times?

How have you responded to God’s presence? What is the quality of your prayer or worship?

Have you ever prayed for strength in the face of doubt or stress? How has God answered that prayer? Did God work through other Christians to help you? Explain.

Take a moment and reflect on the moments of stress you endured this week. How was God in control of the situation? How was God present to you in those moments? How did you respond to him? Thank him for the opportunity to say “yes” to him, even when the situation made him seem so distant.

SOURCE: Word-Sunday Permission for use. All materials are the property of Larry Broding (Copyright 1999-2022). Viewers may copy any material for use in any non-profit ministry. Materials may not be sold or used for personal financial gain.

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Discussion Questions


The mountain of Horeb was another term for the famous Mt Sinai where Moses met face to face with God. Unlike Moses, Elijah is being chased. He challenged the Queen for putting statues of Baal in the temple, killed 400 Baal prophets and is running frightened in the desert. He seeks God. He experiences God in the ‘tiny whispering sound’ of God’s voice in prayer. Have you had an experience of doing something for God and it meets resistance? Where do you go to seek God? What would you say you have heard recently from God?


In St Paul’s letter to the Romans, chapters 9-11 reflect a great sadness that the Jewish people – Paul’s own people – have not recognised and believed in Jesus. Have you experienced sorrow and anguish for someone who has not believed in Jesus or has left their christian faith? Consider placing them before God in prayer. Paul used this anguish to become an incredible missionary and very talented in preaching in a relevant way. How could you be more missionary?


A boat tossed about in the sea has always been an early symbol of the Church. In the middle east the rough sea was considered a symbol of darkness and chaos. Throughout history many storms have caused the Church to cry out to Jesus for help. Walking on water is a display of Jesus’ power over all chaos and darkness along with his use of the Divine Name ‘It is I’. A simplification of the divine name given to Moses on Mt Sinai. While the english uses ‘tossed about’ the greek word is literally ‘tortured’. What forces torture you and the church today? Imaginatively enter the boat scene and hear Jesus personally say the words ‘ Take courage, do not be afraid’ to you. What would this mean for you?

Peter represents church leadership but also the individual disciple. Urged to take the risk of obedience to Jesus’ word the ‘walk on the water to Jesus’ can be sunk by dwelling on the experience of strong winds and big waves. Problems. Fear. Sinking. What could you pray for God to ‘save’ the Church from today? Save you from today?


SOURCE: Living the Word resources are created by Fr Frank Bird a Marist priest and Mrs Bev McDonald, ACSD, distributed by Marist Laity Auckland, NZ 


The story illustrates the power of faith. Have you noticed that when you believe in someone, or something, you can do things that would not be possible when you are full of doubts? Recall moments when your faith gave you strength and courage? Name for your- self the different kinds of faith that had this effect: belief in yourself, trust in an- other, faith in God.

When Jesus got into the boat the winds ceased. Who has been a Jesus per- son for you and helped to calm a storm that frightened you or made you anx- ious?

The experience of Peter gives en- couragement to us when we waver in our trust and belief in God. In his doubt and fear Jesus reached out to him. Who has reached out a helping hand to you when you felt you were sinking?

The story ends with a profession of faith in Jesus as the Son of God. Have you had experiences of being rescued from some hazard or danger, experi- ences which deepened your faith in the presence and compassion of God for you?


SOURCE: Hearers of the Word


 Some of us have to find a “great wind,” “earthquake,” or “fire” in our lives before we look for God. But do you ever take time to listen for the “tiny whispering sound”? If you created a quiet time in your life each day could you do this?


Paul is in “great sorrow and constant anguish” because some of his own people have not accepted the fact that the Messiah has come. Is this because he wishes the best for them and would even sacrifice himself to help them? What do you do when your loved ones reject some beliefs that are important to you?


How is living with a pandemic + environmental crisis + racial problem similar to the raging sea on which Peter was trying to walk toward Jesus? What do you think would have helped Peter to keep walking? Ignore the wind? Keep his eyes on Jesus? What might give you help now?


SOURCE: Sunday Web Site at Saint Louis University


1. What situations do you find most threatening to you at this time in your life? What do you fear the most? Do you firmly believe that Jesus calls you to come to him no matter what the danger may be? Do you feel that you have been confirmed in your faith by Jesus himself who has invited you to come to him?

2. What are the dangers that most threaten Church leaders today? What are the storms that they have to face every day? A hostile culture that does not value religious principles or religious commitment? An atmosphere which favors death rather than life (abortion-on-demand, death penalty, neglect of the poor, etc.)? Superficial faith in the lives of many Church members? A shortage of vocations to the priesthood and religious life?

3. What dangers does your particular community face? Your parish, your prayer group, your family? Do you see Jesus coming toward your boat that is being tossed to and fro on the waves? Do you hear his reassuring voice, “Do not be afraid! It is I!” Do you and your fellow Christians want to walk toward him over the very real dangers?


SOURCE: Portland Diocese


God is teaching Elijah that God is to be experienced in the very small events of life. What are some of the small ways you can and do experience our Lord?


Paul is heartbroken because his people have rejected Christ. Have you had a similar experience, e.g., when a family member rejected Christ or the Church? How did that make you feel? How did you handle it?


Jesus’ presence allowed Peter to do something he would never dream of doing. How has Jesus enabled you to do something you otherwise would have been afraid to do?

Can you recall one big stormy event where you felt Jesus’ presence?

Name one thing today’s Gospel says to us that we disciples of Jesus need to heed and act on.


SOURCE: Ascension Catholic Parish, Melbourne, FL
Small group faith sharing scripture study by VInce Contreras

Sunday Scripture Study


“Take heart, it is I; have no fear”


What is the significance of how God appeared to Elijah? In the wind? In an earthquake? In the fire? In the still, small voice? Why in that order? Why is it important to know God as the still, small voice?


St. Paul uses two witnesses to the fact that he is telling the truth. What are they? (see CCC 1783—1785) Why is it necessary for Christians today to use both of these two internal witnesses when testifying to something?


Why do you think Jesus wanted to pray alone? What was one of Jesus’ concerns about his popularity with the people (see John 6:15)? How does public opinion and Jesus’ response to it resemble that of the temptations in Matthew 4:3-10?

What do Peter’s actions reveal about his personality? Why do you think Peter asks Jesus to call to him? When did Peter begin to sink? Why then and not earlier?

What do the disciples conclude about Jesus as a result of this experience?

Would you be more likely to stay in the boat or step out of it? Why?

What do you see in your own life that parallels Peter’s attempt to walk on water?