Lector Tips & Notes

22nd Sunday of Year A

September 3, 2023

September 3, 2023

Lector Tips

Lisa Bellecci-St Romain


General Tips:

Familiarize yourself with the context: Before diving into the passage itself, take some time to understand the broader context. This will give you a better understanding of the themes and messages being conveyed.

Read with expression: As a lector, it’s important to bring the text to life. Pay attention to punctuation, pauses, and emphasis to convey the intended meaning. Use your voice to create a sense of drama or urgency where appropriate.

Pace yourself: Take your time when reading the passage. Ensure that your words are clear and easily understood by the listeners.

Practice pronunciation: Listen to the video, and take notes on how to pronounce words correctly.

Connect with the message: This will help you convey the intended emotions and convey the message effectively to the listeners.

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Jeremiah 20:7-9

1. Understand the context: Before diving into any passage, it’s crucial to understand the historical and literary context. Jeremiah was a prophet during a challenging time for Israel, and his words in this passage reflect his struggles and his commitment to God’s message.

2. Emphasize the emotional turmoil: Jeremiah’s words in this passage are filled with raw emotion. As you read, try to convey the intensity and conflict he felt. Use variations in your tone, pacing, and volume to reflect the emotional rollercoaster he experienced. Experiment with different speeds and pauses to add emphasis and build anticipation. When Jeremiah expresses his desire to hold back, slow down your pace to reflect his hesitation. Then, when he declares his inability to keep silent, increase your speed and intensity to capture the urgency of his words.

3. Highlight the struggle between obedience and personal desires: Jeremiah’s lament in these verses reveals his conflict between following God’s call and his own desire to remain silent. Bring attention to this tension, emphasizing how Jeremiah’s passion for God’s message ultimately overcomes his personal struggles. Adjust your volume, pitch, and tone to match the emotions conveyed in the passage. Speak softly and introspectively when Jeremiah questions his calling, and raise your voice with conviction and determination when he resolves to speak the truth.

4. Clarify the significance of the word “fire”: In verse 9, Jeremiah mentions a burning fire shut up in his bones. The fire represents the uncontainable urge Jeremiah felt to proclaim God’s message, even if it brought him pain and opposition.

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Romans 12:1-2

When reading aloud Romans 12:1-2, here are some tips on how to effectively emphasize certain words and phrases to convey the intended meaning:

Verse 1:

– “I appeal to you”: Emphasize these words to highlight the urgency and importance of Paul’s plea to the readers.

– “present your bodies”: Give emphasis to “bodies” to underscore the physical aspect of the surrender and dedication to God.

– “living sacrifice”: Highlight “living” to emphasize that God desires an ongoing, active devotion from believers.

– “holy and pleasing to God”: Emphasize “holy” and “pleasing” to highlight the desired qualities of the sacrifice offered to God.

Verse 2:

– “Do not conform”: Place emphasis on “conform” to communicate the need for believers to resist the pressures to conform to the world’s patterns.

– “but be transformed”: Emphasize “transformed” to convey the active process of renewal that God desires in the lives of His followers.

– “renewing of your mind”: Give emphasis to “renewing” and “mind” to emphasize the importance of aligning our thoughts and perspectives with God’s truth.

– “that by testing”: Highlight “testing” to emphasize the deliberate and discerning nature of seeking God’s will.

– “you may discern”: Place emphasis on “discern” to convey the need for believers to have a deep understanding and insight into God’s will.

– “what is the will of God”: Give emphasis to “will of God” to underscore the importance of seeking and understanding His specific plans and purposes.

By emphasizing these key words and phrases, you can help listeners grasp the main ideas and intentions of Romans 12:1-2 more effectively. Remember to maintain a clear and confident tone while reading, allowing the text to guide your delivery.

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22nd Sunday of Year A