Lector Tips & Notes

23rd Sunday of Year A

September 10, 2023

September 10, 2023

Lector Tips

Lisa Bellecci-St Romain


General Tips:

Familiarize yourself with the context: Before diving into the passage itself, take some time to understand the broader context. This will give you a better understanding of the themes and messages being conveyed.

Read with expression: As a lector, it’s important to bring the text to life. Pay attention to punctuation, pauses, and emphasis to convey the intended meaning. Use your voice to create a sense of drama or urgency where appropriate.

Pace yourself: Take your time when reading the passage. Ensure that your words are clear and easily understood by the listeners.

Practice pronunciation: Listen to the video, and take notes on how to pronounce words correctly.

Connect with the message: This will help you convey the intended emotions and convey the message effectively to the listeners.

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Ezekiel 33:7-9

1. Emphasize the urgency: The passage in Ezekiel 33:7-9 carries a sense of urgency and responsibility. Highlight the importance of the message by using a slightly more intense tone when reading verses 7 and 8. This will help convey the weight of the prophet’s words.

2. Pause for reflection: After reading verse 7, take a brief pause to allow the congregation to reflect on the message. This will give them a moment to internalize the call to warn others and consider their own role in spreading God’s word.

3. Convey God’s desire for repentance: In verse 9, emphasize God’s desire for repentance and turning away from wickedness. Use a compassionate and pleading tone to convey the message that God takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather wants them to turn from their ways and live.

4. Maintain a steady pace: While reading, maintain a steady and consistent pace. This will help the congregation follow along with the text and fully comprehend the message being conveyed.

5. Use appropriate gestures and facial expressions: For example, you can use a hand gesture to emphasize the importance of warning others, or a compassionate facial expression when talking about God’s desire for repentance.

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Romans 13:8-10

1. Emphasize key words and phrases:

– “Owe no one anything” – Emphasize “no one” to underscore the importance of not having outstanding debts.

– “except to love one other” – Emphasize “love” to convey the central theme of the passage.

– “fulfilled the law” – Emphasize “fulfilled” to emphasize that love is the ultimate fulfillment of the law.

3. Use appropriate pauses:

– Pause briefly after “Owe nothing to anyone” to allow the audience to absorb the significance of this statement.

– Pause after “for the one who loves another” to give the congregation time to reflect on the connection between love and fulfilling the law.

– Pause after “You shall love your neighbor as yourself” to allow the weight of this command to sink in.

4. Vary your tone:

– Use a warm and compassionate tone when discussing the command to love one another.

– Use a confident and assertive tone when stating that love fulfills the law.

– Use a thoughtful and contemplative tone when discussing the commandments summed up in loving your neighbor.

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23rd Sunday of Year A