Music for Sunday

27th Sunday of Year A

October 8, 2023

October 8, 2023

Entrance Chant

All Creatures of Our God and King is a traditional Christian hymn that has been adapted and arranged by Rick Modlin. It is a beautiful song of praise and adoration of our Creator and King. The lyrics are derived from a poem written by St. Francis of Assisi in the 13th century, and the melody is an ancient Gregorian chant.


The opening lines of the song set the tone:

“All creatures of our God and King/lift up your voice and with us sing…”

These lines are an invitation to join in the chorus of praise for the one who made all of creation—our God and King. The lyrics go on to express awe, joy, and thanksgiving for God’s goodness and grace.

The song continues by extolling the beauty of the natural world and marveling at the wonders of the created order. Images of the beauty of the night sky, the birds in the air, and the animals on the land are used to illustrate the glory of God’s creation, and the refrain of “Alleluia” is used to emphasize the joy and thanksgiving of the song.

Other verses reflect on the power of God’s love, grace, and mercy. The lyrics proclaim,

“O praise Him, Alleluia!/For He has done marvelous things.”

This verse emphasizes the fact that God has done wonderful things for us, and it is our responsibility to show our gratitude.

The closing lines of the song illustrate the true purpose and meaning of the spiritual journey:

“Let all things their creator bless/and worship Him in humbleness…”

These words remind us that our lives should be focused on worshipping and praising God, and we should be humble in our approach.

Responsorial Psalm

Presentation and Preparation of the Gifts

Remain in Me, I Am the Vine is a contemporary Christian anthem composed by Curtis Stephan and Steve Angrisano. This song invites listeners to come to God, remain close to Him, and be sustained through Him. The lyrics of the song encourage listeners to come to God for help and support in their lives, even when the world around them is dark and uncertain. 


The song begins with a plea for God to remain in the lives of the listener. The first verse reads:

“Remain in me, I am the vine, I give life and joy divine. Flow through me, Be my strength, I surrender all to Thee.”

The lyrics portray God as the source of strength and life, and the listener as a follower of God, who is willing to surrender all in order to receive help and guidance.

The chorus then follows, with the words:

“And I will cling to Your love forever, Oh God, Abide in me and I will never go astray. You are the vine and I’m the branch, remain in me and I will stand.”

The chorus echoes the sentiment of the first verse, but in a more direct way. It emphasizes the need for the listener to cling to God’s love and remain close to Him, while also trusting that God is the source of life and strength.

The second verse of the song explores the idea that God is the source of light and hope in an otherwise dark world. It reads:

“In Your love is hope and life, In darkness be my guide, Send Your Spirit like a dove, Let me rise and be revived.”

This verse paints a vivid image of God as a beacon of hope and light amidst a world of darkness. It also underscores the power of the Holy Spirit to provide comfort and strength to those who seek it.

The bridge of the song follows, with the words:

“Let me rest in Your presence, Till I’m ever in Your grace, Lord, I am not alone in this place. You will never leave me, You always will remain, Abide in me, I am the vine.”

This bridge further emphasizes the need to cling to God and to trust in Him, even in the midst of darkness and despair. It also highlights the fact that God will never leave us, and will remain with us always.

Finally, the song ends with a repetition of the chorus. This serves to remind the listener of the need to remain close to God and to trust in His love and guidance.

Communion Chant

Tend the Ground, by Curtis Stephan, is an upbeat, hopeful, and inspiring song that encourages listeners to stay strong and remain focused on their dreams, no matter how daunting or difficult the journey may be. The song features layered keyboard sounds, a driving beat, and lyrics that blend hope, resilience, and self-reflection.


The song starts off with a repeating piano melody and an inspiring message:

“Tend the ground, water the seeds, for what you want will grow.”

This message is further repeated and built upon throughout the song, as Stephan encourages listeners to remain focused on their goals, even when facing hardship and challenges. The song features a range of dynamic instrumentation, including lush layers of keyboard sounds, a driving beat, and a soaring guitar solo.

The lyrics of the song exemplify the theme of perseverence and determination. In the chorus, Stephan sings:

“When the winter sets in, I heard the word within, I will not give up, I will tend the ground.”

These words emphasize that no matter how difficult the journey may be, we have the power to stay strong and to stay focused on our dreams.

Throughout the song, Stephan uses vivid imagery to describe the importance of tending the ground and remaining focused on our goals. He speaks of a “winter chill” that sets in, and of “branches turning brown”, comparing the trials of winter to our own struggles and reminding us that we can survive them and come out stronger in the end. The song also speaks of “a light that guides the way”, representing that no matter how dark and bleak things may seem, there is always a path forward.

The song also emphasizes the importance of reflecting on our journey. In the bridge, Stephan sings:

“When you look back over what’s been done, you’ll see what’s been won.”

This serves as a reminder to take the time to appreciate our accomplishments and acknowledge the progress we have made, no matter how small.

Sending Forth

This Is Amazing Grace (Phil Wickham, Jeremy Riddle, and Josh Farro) 

Choose Christ Missal 2023 #450



This Is Amazing Grace is an uplifting and inspiring song that celebrates the grace of God, and encourages listeners to rely on His mercy. Written by Phil Wickham, Jeremy Riddle, and Josh Farro, the song beautifully paints a vivid picture of God’s unconditional love and His perfect provision.


The song begins with a powerful chorus that serves to capture the essence of God’s never-ending grace. It describes the Lord as a compassionate Father who “takes our shame away” and “paints the sky with mercy”. As the chorus progresses, it emphasizes that God’s grace is available to everyone, regardless of their past or current circumstances. It serves as an encouraging reminder to turn to the Lord in times of need and to take comfort in His presence.

The first verse of the song builds on the chorus’ message by providing examples of how God’s grace can help us in our lives. It describes the Lord as a “mountain mover”, a source of strength and courage. The verse emphasizes that God’s grace is a source of hope and understanding, and that it has the power to transform us. It is a reminder that God’s grace can help us make it through any difficult situation, no matter how bad it may seem.

In the second verse, the songwriters continue to reflect on the power of God’s grace. They describe it as a “harbor in the storm”, a place of rest and protection. The lyrics go on to emphasize that God will never leave us, even during the darkest of times. This verse serves as an encouragement that no matter what happens, God will be there to help us through it.

In the bridge of the song, the songwriters focus on the overwhelming love and grace that God provides. They describe the Lord as a “never-ending well” of love and mercy, and they remind us that His grace is always available to us, no matter what we have done or experienced. This bridge serves as a source of comfort and reassurance, providing assurance that God will always be there for us.

R&A Psalms

27th Sunday of Year A

Francesca LaRosa


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