Small Group Sharing

Easter 2A

God’s Gift of Peace

When the last time you truly felt peaceful? Why does the Christian walk lead through forgiveness to peace? How have you experienced that road? How does the cynicism of the world affect you? How does faith keep you from cynicism? How can you offer the peace of Christ to others in your daily life?

SOURCE: Larry Broding | Word-Sunday

Our Sunday Readings – Study Guide

SOURCE: Edrianne Ezell
Small group faith sharing scripture study by VInce Contreras

Study Questions

  • In the 1st Reading, we see the early Church soon after the resurrection of Jesus acting in power with signs and wonders, and growing rapidly. To what do we attribute this (Acts 2:47)?
  • Re-read the 2nd Reading and try to unpack it line by line. What did God give us (1 Pt 1:3)? Through what power did that gift come (1 Pt 1:3)? What is the end, or goal, of this gift (1 Pt 1:4)? If we persevere, what does God promise (1 Pt 1:5-9)?
  • In the Gospel Reading, why are the disciples fearful at this time?
  • Of all the things Jesus must have said, why does John record “Peace be with” you three times (Jn 20:19, 21, 26)? How does this relate to their fears? To their being sent (Jn 20:21)?
  • How does Thomas’ personality compare to Mary Magdalene’s (Jn 20:13)? To the other disciples (Jn 20:9, 19)?
  • How does Jesus deal with Thomas’ doubt (Jn 20:29)? What is significant about the way Thomas responds? How would you express your belief in the lordship and divinity of Jesus?
  • Where could you use Jesus’ “peace” right now? In some relationship? In some inner fear? In your work?
  • What doubts or questions about God are you struggling with? What have you found helpful in dealing with doubts?
SOURCE: Sunday Scripture Study for Catholics